Older Projects



Here are some projects on which I worked quite a while ago. They're worth mentioning them even though I don't have a separate record for each of them.

Services provided: 

  • Involved in creating the search functionality for Contact Point. Enhanced features include support for multiple sections, pagination, and sorting by any column in the result set. Internal mailing lists were also established.
  • Developed a Web site for a group of health providers. This work focused on customized user management, allowing new users to create accounts and existing users to manage their accounts. Search functionality was enhanced for their on-line phone directory.
  • The producers at the television show counterSpin, broadcast on CBC's Newsworld, needed an internal database with a custom interface. I built a system that facilitated management of all of the guests on their show.
  • Designed and implemented the initial version of the web site communityevents.ca.
  • In addition to the above projects, system administration has been an on-going theme in the development work. Most notably, this included revision control for files of different document types.