Holland America's Booking Data Flow



Holland America Line, the American/British owned cruise line, required a booking flow. It was developed using Drupal 8.

Services provided: 

  • Researched various configuration deployment approaches across development environments.
  • Developed workable solution for packaging bundles of configuration as features.
  • Modified the configuration merge workflow as necessary to match requirements.
  • Finalized process for merging Web UI configuration with developers’ configuration in code.
  • Determined the best cryptographic cipher suite to use for supporting common browsers.
  • Proposed and oversaw plans for improving caching, load balancing, and adding a logging server.
  • Instituted policy of tracking all application configuration in the code repository under version control.
  • Rejigged file permissions and ownership for securing Staging and Production systems.
  • Added a feature to simplify the Drush command handling merging.
  • Devised process for connecting to the corporate VPN though Linux.
  • Refined developer documentation for setting up and maintaining local sandbox sites.
  • Reviewed existing configuration management processes and the Nginx Web server configuration.
  • Standardized application configuration across all environments.
  • Developed deployment processes and supervised code deployments.
  • Managed continuous integration with Jenkins via development build scripts.
  • Enhanced the release tagging strategy and process for emergency code fixes.
  • Performed developer code reviews.
  • Tuned applications for performance.