Harvard's Acquired Data Accountability and Management System (ADAMS)



ADAMS is a Web-based database system to manage the electronic record of each acquired research data set held by researchers. It is a searchable database that can report who is allowed to access specific project data sets, what level of data is being used, and what security measures are in place. This system allows investigators, affiliates and approvers to quickly answer questions about expiring data use agreements, reuse of data, retention dates and indicate where the data for public access requirements are available.

Services provided: 

  • Set up modern revision control with a development workflow and a new hosting provider.
  • Successfully upgraded the entire site from Drupal 6 to 7 after careful research and testing.
  • Instituted group-based access control for different organizations within the university.
  • Developed a process to create new organizational data use agreements (DUAs) from templates.
  • Created a framework allowing for different document workflows within each organization.