Daily Xtra



Daily Xtra is the on-line presence of Xtra (Ottawa, Toronto and Vancouver), and attracts more than 150,000 visitors each month. Current newspaper readers often turn to Daily Xtra for quick and easy on-line access to the content of the three Xtra papers — and breaking news. Meanwhile, an exclusive on-line readership, many of whom live in areas where an Xtra paper is not easily accessible, depend on Daily Xtra for important news and information.

Services provided: 

  • Created report on existing operational processes for code deployment
  • Produced plan for optimizing development operations (DevOps) processes
  • Oversaw the implementation of the new operations
  • Modified deployment scripts for Staging and Production environments
  • Ensured that content and configuration are handled differently
  • Helped the system administrator (sysadmin) with Drupal deployment issues
  • Wrote documentation for the developer, build manager and sysadmin roles
  • Developed custom code to invalidate the Varnish cache on content updates
  • Discussed various additional cache mechanisms such as cache warming/priming
  • Brainstormed and planned strategies for improving site performance